To Be Heard


Some Go Through A lifetime & At The end only have a false sense of imagination, daydreams & illusions to show... Forever pondering at the thought of truly being heard  what a divine and beautiful thought it is, You see since our hourglass has turned i believe it's what we all yearn for to be truly heard... From newborns freshly out the womb, to inmates swallowed by the system, to the youth wreaking havoc on the ghetto street corner, To the homeless living without a way, down the the runaways never coming home, You see we all share this common struggle we all just want to be Heard Amongst eachother, heard by our community & heard by society.. So many open ears but is anyone really listening? some spend a lifetime trying to find out, some pick grab speakers and microphones and speak knowledge through they breath, other like myself grab a pen & paper & put my wisdom to the test for my words shall never grow weak nor rest untill my arrogance transforms to success i will take no less, & soar like a bird conquer with words when i know what it is " To Be Heard"


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