Dreams Answered


Begging for a million words amongst the million trials
The road can twist and turn when you're walking for many miles
A dampness from the passing of such heavy storms
It started with one drop of rain from the day that i was born.

A passing from other dreamers we shook hands and smiled kind
The questions that i thought did not easily leave my mind
They knew what they wanted, how could it be?
Would the same happen to myself, eventually?

Sometimes, things are not for nothing and everything then makes sense
The motivation will pick you up and take you over the nearly un-jumpable fence
I didn't think for this day to come and never thought that it to be
I'd end up knowing the very life inside of me.

Destined for a million times that it could never work
The path can make you feel bare and vulnerable to all hurt
With a dryness in the mouth of the running towards the dream
All stress was just inspiration to turn in to poetry.

Help from a dreamer we laughed and exchanged names
The epiphany i had was that i'd never have the same
I just kept to myself, wrote down every word
Never realized, deep down i wanted to be heard.

When the roughness on the road ended and the storms passed by
I was left with the dream that had never left my mind
I made my own path and all else was made clear
That i was always walking this way to eventually be right here.

I write because every person needs an outlet of such
It isn't saving mankind, no, it isn't all that much
But, to me, it's my own private home, a safe sanctity
And all along, writing, had always been my one lasting dream.

I could not regret one thing in the time that i've spent
Could not see where i would have been or the people i would have met
But neither would i want to with where i am today
No such words for the happiness that i could even begin say.


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