Symphonic Fury

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 18:20 -- Zhaleh


I taught you all the things I knew
Devoted my time to thee
So you could join in playing the grandly new
Romantic symphony

An autumn evening we walk alone
Each tree ridden of all its leaves
I swear, one tree, it must’ve know
For it bore a small gift you would give to me
A solitary stem, a single leaf
Its shape was of a heart
Lonely, you rid it of its grief
In my hands was its fresh start
Cherishing the gift as I cherished you
An illusion I could not see
Happily we proceeded as one not two
To the romantic symphony

For hours we sauntered throughout the streets
In the silent dead of night
When suddenly the ground felt not my feet
Palms torn, I lost your sight
But you were safe, at home, not cold
In bed, not dreaming of me
And my work forever remained untold
As I practiced the notes for thee

Next day we did meet at the hall
Your apology was at hand
“Don’t worry, my love, I did but fall,
Come sit, I have our stand”
The piece began as we all thought
Perfect passionate serenity
But soon it was not as I taught
You deviated from harmony

Disloyal you were to every note
I thought we understood
For you the time I did devote
Thrown away like no one could
We all awaited the peaceful end
Eternal it could not be
Last notes that you could not pretend
And unexpectedly
Your final pitch was played too sharp
You slashed the loving tune
The sound rang fury, destroyed the harp
Sent quivers to the moon

The audience ran out in great disgust
The members, nowhere seen
The hall was desolate, cheated of trust
You said, “I did not mean…”

I’d given my all, but you ignored my will
And the love I showed for thee
You now are shamed, for you did kill
Our romantic symphony


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