To be Heard


Once upon a dream,


A man let out a loud scream.


Over hills and streams,


His shout carried.


Like a caged bird,


He wanted out of this boring world.




For years he’s been bullied and told,


That he will never be so bold.


He will never be heard,


But have they actually ever tried?


To use all they know,


All their strength and flaws?


To take their own risks,


And try to learn all kind of tricks?




He doubts them you see,


But still he isn’t free.


The darkness falls before night,


And they still shut his mouth tight.


He’s afraid they are right,


 But yet should they not


Will he turn out all right?


Confusion CONFUSION,






When I wake,


I find the man isn’t a fake.


I am this man,


Whose voice demands to be heard.




I want the world to know,


Everything I do now.


That fear is normal,


But it is temporary as well.


That everyone can be on top,


They just need to learn how to climb.



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