My Aching Soul

I closed the door to lock you out of my head, 

But it seems that you found an open window. 

Silly me thought you'd have the decency to go,

But I find you here on my mind instead.   


Your presence fills my heart again with lead, 

But your steel words remind my blood to flow.

The worst heartbreak is that all this I know, 

But still it's to your door my footsteps tread.


I remember the sweet nothings that you said,  

Each poison syllable made my frail heart glow. 

Around my aching soul the thorns now grow, 

Each barb was by your deceitful promises fed.


I alone accept blame for I made my own bed, 

It was my own decision that brought me woe.

I now reap the cruel harvest of the seed I sow, 

For the memories we shared are not yet dead.  


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