Who knew?


Who knew one person could feel so many things but never say a word?
Who knew that for them, actions truly speak louder than words.
The dead smiles and grimaces, the smirks and looks of pure derision.
Who knew that an entire story could be told just from looking into someone's eyes.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Is it any wonder why people become nervous when looking you in the eye?
All they see is deep and dark abyss. They're afraid of falling in and never being able to resurface.
Some say it's "hypnotic" others say "demonic" well what do you say?
Oh I forgot...you don't say anything. You watch and observe. And you look on with this haughty look in your dark eyes, inwardly laughing at the people who use their words to say how they feel. Oh you use your words too. But not to express emotions, oh no, we don't "feel" like a normal person feels. We have to analyze and think through our emotions because who has time for the affection? Who has time for that chaotic madness called "feelings"?
Oh and don't get us started on the asinine myth of love. What is love? Other than a myth created by man to make themselves feel good at night when they're alone. Oh he isn't the right one. Well she just wasn't what I was looking for. Well what are you looking for? Do you even know? Is just the superficial things? Or are you really interested in the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Are they sole mate? Do they make your heart stutter? Well for how long do you think that might last? You're insane to think forever. You call yourself a hopeless romantic but you're actually just hopeless. And there's nothing romantic about it.


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