A Whole Other World


United States
40° 48' 11.5668" N, 73° 57' 9.2988" W
United States

Where lady liberty stands tall and proud, like a protective mother watching over her children she keeps a watchful eye on the city and the nation that she holds so close to her heart. Holding her eternal torch of freedom she shows everyone that freedom shines throughout this country that she loves so much.

Where millions of people scurry along sidewalks and crosswalks like ants returning to their anthills. Always moving, always having a place to be. The skyscrapers are the people’s Goliath. Rising above the ground they seem to touch the edge of the clouds.

Where those two famous towers fell that fatal day, taking down thousands of innocent people with them, while a shocked lady liberty and a dumbfounded nation turned away and wept, seeking answers as to why someone would do this.

Where lights illuminate the night sky, the lights take place of the stars. Twinkling and glimmering in the night sky the lights resemble an unknown galaxy, a whole other world that seems very different and amazing to its visitors.

Where you become a celebrity you feel like no one can touch you, you feel invincible. Something about this city, this whole other world gives you a rising feeling. These lights, these streets, these buildings inspire you to be make something of yourself and be important.

From the top of the Empire State Building you can feel, almost see the city breathing, it feels alive as you hear horns honking, brakes squeaking and you see cars and people moving up and down the streets. When you look around you realize that nobody, nothing stops. The city that never sleeps


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