don't judge me

some things are just better left usaid

figers poited at you broken promises mislead

its weighing heavy on my shoulders should i stay or should i go

i'd rather do this on my own no room to judge single show

i just wanna be aloe but

you keep bringig up the past no treust

was the only thing we had looks can ve decieving hidden truths tv ads

caught up in the media trying to stay above it

enemies turn to friends people i never though id trust and

damn how did i cross this path

problem unsloved b squared you do the math

rumors circulated names written on the wall its all he said she said nothing important downfall

if this is what you want i can;t agree when it blws up in their face they asking please don't judge me

caught up in themoment now you start to feel bad but what about that girl that you teased and called fat

or that time that your friend shoved that kid into a locker you stood there and watched her never did stop her

actons being watched real life no movies but who are we to judge others

i know you heard the saying don't judge a book my its cover hide behind the guise double life secret lovers i will discover where do i belong looking for attention even though it did me wrong

i think i'd rather be alone and take a chance me myself and i is all i see at a glance

loo over my shoulder im only getting older but the sad thing is is that its never really over just a lesson take a breathe in opening your eyes to the world i suggest it your testing push me to the edge talking to myself a repeat a plede but im just trying to me honest no type of schemes just words no sonnets stress building up blood rushing atomic i say no bs im just over this mess i grew up something you should do i wish you luck makeover to my act new me no nip and tuck so don't judge me


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