What They Didn't Tell You About Growing Up

As a child, “growing up” always seemed like a magical transformation. One day, you’d wake up, shed the chrysalis of childhood, and unfurl big beautiful adult wings. Then you’d get to make ALL the decisions, ALL by yourself. No more bedtimes; no more vegetables; no more rules; and most importantly, no more adults telling you what to do.

When you do get there, when you’re finally a grown-up, you find that adulthood is not what you had expected and prepared for. You realize that when they were teaching you about growing up, they left a few things out.

They told you that you could stay up as late as you wanted. They didn't't’t tell you that you’d stay awake worrying about grades, jobs, and finances. They didn't't’t tell you how much sleep deprivation sucks.

They told you that you could eat whatever you wanted. They didn't't’t tell you that you’d probably have to pay for it…and cook it…and that it was probably going to be ramen noodles—at least for a while.

They told you that you’d have to learn to solve your own problems. They didn't't’t tell you that ‘real world’ problems are rarely solved with formulas and simple logic.

They told you to be careful, that there would be people who wanted to hurt you. They didn't’t tell you that the bad guys seldom look like cartoon villains with sinister mustaches and wicked laughs; that more often they look like our fathers, cousins, and loved ones.

They told you that you would make it. They didn't’t tell you how difficult it could be. 


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