Miscarriage of mine


Great night for fireworks

Friends and family gathered

Instant pain, unconsiousness

Hospital room, white walls, curtains draped

Doctor has bad news

"You are having a miscarriage".

Nothing they can do

All night, thriving pain, darkness, tears

Praying its all a lie

Rush of fluid, wet, soakinginto the bathroom,

My undergarments, a bed for him

Tiny baby, unformed, beautiful, dead.

In my hands your precious

The torment, crisis, disaster, loneliness

My heart is broken

I cannot save you

I cannot keep you

They took you from me

Unconsiousness, awake, blood everywhere, pain

Unconsiousness, awake,"shes loosing blood"

Unconsiousness, awake, confusion, pain gone

"Mother where is my baby"

"They took it sweety, im so sorry"

Where is my boy, where is he


In the hospital medical waste.

He is gone forever

No closure, no funeral

Nothing but forever pain.


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