Through Grandpas Eyes


The day was quiet and yet so loud

As I stood in the center of a moving crowd

Writhing, squirming, a beast all its own

Yet completely surrounded I was alone


Glued to the pavemnt I started to sweat

As I stared at the wreckage I'll never forget

Once mighty and tall, now a pile of stone

Though twins in life, each died alone


I see a young mother with baby in hand

Frantically calling the name of a man

Years pass by, the baby now grown

Still the woman retires to her bedroom alone


A nation outraged, struck to the core

Praying their loved ones would walk through the door

Troops march off to battle, sins to atone

Though brave and valient still afraid and alone


Though divided on much, now united we stand

All races, religions, and geners hand in hand

Every time you stare at a flag that's been flown

Remeber no America stands alone








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