Strength in Words

  • Each word holds a certain weight,

    Word upon word, you build

    Until all together they create

    An order, waiting to be filled


    A writer wants nothing more

    Than to be read, but by who?

    Who is it they are writing for?

    Is it for me? For you?


    Perhaps their feelings are mixed,

    They want everyone to read it

    To love it, to be transfixed

    But they also want it a secret


    Because with the power

    Of their words and thoughts,

    Is the fear of the hour

    When love finally rots.


    The writer is a hero at a time,

    But his followers can  

    Quickly turn on a dime,

    Making him a hated man.


    Words may spark dreams in some,

    Though others may only loathe.

    So beware writers as you press on,

    As your work is loved and hated both. 



I believe those are the feelings one must have when putting pen to paper.

I love this poem.

I never thought about it before but you have me thinking about it now.

Great Job!

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