A Brick Wall

Why can't things be.

What they used to be.

When I felt special.

Around you.

Guess things got too serious.

Thought we could both bring the best out.

In both of us.

But I feel so alone.

Around you.

This mental pain manifested.

Slow and hard.

No more loving touches.

No more intimate embraces.

My eyes watering while I accept this realization.

Maybe if I dressed another way.

And lose all this weight.

But alas, that will not change a thing.

You chose to venture out.

And find someone else to open up to.

You say she's a friend.

But I truly know better.

While in NY, I was a forgotten soul to you.

All of your time dedicated to her.

There was really nothing I could do.

I ask myself why did I fight and cry.

For your attention and love.

No one should ever have to do that at all.

I truly tried so hard to give you.

Anything you wanted.

Feels like I am in love.

With a brick wall.

So cold with no emotion.

Feels like I'm loving a brick wall.

I never realized how special.

A hug and a kiss could truly be.

But you realize these things.

When you are deprived from.

These basic relationship necessities.

You constantly threaten you'll move away.

What's the point of fighting for you to stay?

What's the point if the love you had for me has gone away?

Did you ever really love me?

Or was I just something new?

Was I different from your norm?

If you decide to leave.

I will not bother you if your gone.

I'd rather cry myself to sleep.

Then fight for a love that is forever gone.


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