Where I'm from


Where I’m from

Tassja Grossman


I am from pointe shoes

From numbed toes and blistered ankles

I am from the studio

from hard work and perspiration

                          The sounds of music and jumping feet


I am from the grass and the dandelions that are

embedded into the green stocks

trees that have bloomed with spring

The burning sun as I mow my lawn

and those summer nights spent outside


I am from sarcasm and chaotic sounds

The noises of screaming and thumping on the floor above me

from Patrice and Bryan       

the Russian and Irish heritage     

I’m from the great love of many things

From the love of nature, and the love of service,

The love of other people, the love for how they feel.


From stories of how evil the world is   

suspecting of everyone is out for me

The stories told to me since I was a young girl by my parents

I’m from freedom of spiritual choices

The freedom to think how I please to


from the choices of my parents      

and their love for each other         

I’m from love and compassion

The unconditional love, even when times are hard

and putting all my effort into whatever I do   


From a family who holds onto items  

to hold onto those we love.

I am from knowing who I am,

even if I may be lost at the moment


But yet I’m from the house, of pain

But also of support, unconditional love.

Where the scars on my wrists don’t matter,

They aren’t a sign of weakness

but rather signs of strengths


That I’ve gone through hard times

But I’ve managed to stay around,

Hoping I’ll no longer hide in the dark,

That I will one day manage to spread my wings,

And learn how to fly above it all


My family doesn’t judge me like others

Because they know what I’m going through

And support me in everything I do

even though I may not support my self and the decisions I have made


I know there’s a reason for everything I’m facing

It’s so I can grow stronger, and one day make a difference to another life.

Though it’s hard sometimes to see it,

I always find a difference

between the dark and the light

Pain and happiness

Giving up and finding hope

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