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Tu te couches Manouche Comme une mouche Sans prendre ta douche Très loin de moi Où tu ressembles à une croix
Minding my own business  Meeting you on the outs  I truly had no idea what you really were about ...….…............ Where -we’d- end up  after our eyes touched,  I didn’t have a clue   
  It was 9 o’clock I was 9 My mom said “come on girls, I guess it’s time” She sat us down and held her breath and with a big sigh She looked at us and said
You beat me, You yelled in my face,  You slammed my head into the walls. You broke my soul,  it came crumbling down today.    I always said that I'd forgive you,  but I haven't,
DISAPPOINTING when the only expectation that matter is to be loved   EMPTINESS caused for not listing   CRYING without reasonable reason   EVASION of the more simple things in live  
Your wife isn't carrying your baby, she's carrying mine.She wanted me to marry her but I had to decline.She didn't want tongues to wag about her being an unwed mother.
The pain and the deception that I felt when I saw you I could describe it but no one would believe it to be true Though it wasn’t the scene in front of me
Relations built on angerHurt my partnerMy feelings are starting to lingerI am trapped as a minor Keep pushing him awayWishing he would stayDespite the pastHis mindset makes it last
A love lost is no simple subject Its complexity knows no bounds Like the infinite space surrounding us all Adoration is no easy emotion to be rid of for someone When that someone holds such immense talent
There’s a storm growing inside of me A storm I can not explain, It’s whirling and growing vastly It’s going to explode my brain.  
Electrical boxes blasting our eyes, Sending images of fear and conflict, Talking like a serpent, which is unwise, Illustrating a dove as a convict.   Every time, the deception keeps going,
who would really score if i pulled the base out from under your sore feet?
Prince Ali Mighty is he Living in deception Strong? No, weak Mighty not he
Money is poison our food, water, hearts and head. They don't want us to know, but we already do. Is honesty compltetely dead?
Symptoms of evil there's no need for a cure. Just treat what you can profit  and look the other way.
America America is that you? Motivated by greed and excess nothin' they say is true.
Oh do I crave That final exhalation, The sweet breath that topples my empty frame… You forgot to blow me up, my love.   I stretch and I pull for you.
Inside my purse I have A mirror, reflecting my imperfecions My phone, a constant reminder of others highlights My makeup, to cover my insecurties   Inside my thoughts have A strive to be good enough
I would settle normally informally to rebuttal back at the attacks I’ve had a lot the bullies in my past I dissed em.
I need to get over this why? cuz i feel like shit  but how do I just forget about this? it takes precedence in everything i do and everything I say
Wait Why is this happening? All the tears counting amounting And no one here comforting Something so unmistakable Something so breakable 
Rose colored glasses Rose coloured glasses My heart was like the desert, so I always kept a pair Hoping they would show me your rain So my roses could grow again But you were just another sandstorm
Secrets are spread all around    Lies are told to you and me   Hate blinds those who cannot see   The truth that is spoken is not believed   One person you can trust   Is me
the feeling is dark it's burning real slow growing and festering the origin unknown one day I woke and suddenly so engulfed by emotion and left with a foe   instinct is real
    Can't you hear me, give me achance, hear my screaming, I'm begging you now. When did this happen? It happened so fast, one night you're winning, the next one you're smashed.
A kind child who speaks Says words of pure innocence Until she first lies
Looking down, curling broken feet, through the pungent odour of burnt cotton, My clothes are burned, flesh cavernous and scarred,
Love is strange It can be misunderstood Sometimes it is a result of fear A drop of compassion, A dash of respect, A pinch of naivety, And maybe some caring nature  There are many types of love,
do you miss me do you think of me
Dear Gatsby, When I look at you I see yellow, but mostly black. When the fireflies fly The ladies sway to and fro’. How long have you wondered? Through the big lights. The perilous carriage. Unlike the past we no longer adjourn the future.
How are you?
Deception, betrayal, lies, and affairs,
  Deception, betrayal, lies, and affairs,
I rise with the dawn and dusk alike
Some may think I'm happy and fun, carefree and patient although I'm none. The guy with the oh so perfect world, school, the family, and the girl. But underneath that smooth exterior, lies a broken man growing wearier.
Me is nerd, Myself is ornithophilous I am determined.  Read, bird-watch, give my A game, All these are in my name. Studying is not only me Playing with my birds is not only myself.
Raven cloaks billow around th
I don't even know it.
You see only the honey that drips from my tongue; I sit in anticipation for the day I bare my fangs and reveal the blood on my teeth. I'll add your heart to my collection,
Don't think you can ignore me Walk out of the door and out of my life I looked up to you and thought of you twice To me you were everything, the reason I lived and breathed
why must our stitches start to unravel? why must the gentle touch turn cold? Why must the veins stop their travel? why must the graceful love quickly fold? she says I'll give you everything i own, 
Her wonderful innocence faded away. Her clothing, it fell away too. Her needs, her desires are catching on fire, And soon she will melt into you.   You think you deserve this. You think she's a fool.
Am I dreaming? Lord please tell me I am... cause with this image I' m seeing..this here before my eyes... I think I might be losing my mind.
In my feelings   I want to scream.  I want to cry.  I want to yell at the sky.    It hurts.  Why does it hurt me  and not affect you?  
The day you pressedyour body against mine,was the day I was sureI could, without a doubt,build a home formyself,beneath your trembling arms,and heavy breathing. 
Forever was the thought
A stranger walking by this house white paint, powdered royal blue trim, white picket fence, an immaculate green lawn. a cherry wood door painted to match the trim, whitewashed porch
The bright moon filled the sky with light Only to be obscured by the city’s gleam It seemed to set the entire world ablaze And there was nothing that the moon could do  
There's not a moment that I think I've got it figured out. I see the rays of hope behind the growing clouds of doubt. And I cannot make sense of it as nobody else can. I've got to follow all the rules, follow God's plan.
To trust in me is to trust in you, what you don't understand is that I'm broken in two, wondering if I will get hurt and what will I do, see my life is a lie, I dont even trust the flies,
Pain.It strikes quicklyalmost unnoticedalmost unfelt.It settles in stages-A fear, a sadness,you shiver, you shakeyou feel the heart quakecrumblethe feeling sinks in
Her alchol level is high , her self esteem is low, as she stands on this roof alone she looks at the ground down below she's ready to jump but her tears are in the way
At a glance... Years are Engraved on the forehead Eroded by concealer Souls are Peering from the eyes Blocked by avoidance Ignorance is Spoken boastfully To those who will listen
Impossibly obsessed with the comfort of a bed, where you may find yourself melting into the hazardous heat of another being, where the truth remains underneath the bedside, while your blanket wraps around you with a misleading security.
Pheonixs are red blue jays are blue I'd lie if I said that I love you I only said that so I would have someone at home  Also so I could have someone So I wouldn't sleep alone
Clockwork heart. Wind it up and off it goes. Don't get too close, or it might explode. Dormant, it lies, therefore unscathed. It one was new, pure, whole, expectant.
 In the last day where the line is drawn in blood,  We choose our sides And fight for those we love   (chorus) If you'd only known that this is why we stand Then you'd free yourself And join the last of man
On the exterior a calm and collected face Contrasts the interior where emotions chase Everlasting misery inside a pod Which collects emotions mad and odd Seperated like skin from bone As to I a world unformed
Like many summer months in bloom, promising life, light, love When the sun would hug you in its warmth and caress your hopes with gentle rays of bright light and subtle praise
Inspiration fills my soul Keeping me going on this lonely road Finding ways to keep my cool Learning how to spot the fools
You are my lie, but seem like my truth. You are the evil hiding in the fruit. You are what keeps me loving what's lost. You are what makes the snow seem just as frost.
Where are you?
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