Deception Man

There are some problems with this perfection situation,

often far too numerous without any hesitation.

But besides all that, without any stipulation

You seem to disrupt my rather "benevolent" occupation.



You see, long before our eyes had met, our fates did intertwine,

which to me, it seems to be a very over-done line.

However, I must ask, how did you know me so?

Each day you seem to surprise me; each day my thoughts do grow.



We seem to vary in appearance, but our thoughts are just the same,

I cannot help but to worry and decay while we play this game

This can't be something pure' it's too ridden with mal-intent.

The time has come- I need to go- we need to be more distant.


It seems our tango's a mystery that will come to no conclusion,

honestly, you seem to be some sort of vague illusion.

You're the most devilish, deceitful, heathen kind of man.

You took my heart and now my soul- A lovers heart you have disband.

I can't stand by and observe all the evil that you do-

So if I should "go to hell", I'm dragging you down too


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