Am I Dreaming


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United States
41° 44' 38.7096" N, 87° 46' 17.0904" W

Am I dreaming?

Lord please tell me I am...

cause with this image I' m seeing..this here before my eyes...

I think I might be losing my mind.

I Had to have been blind to not read the signs..thinking how? Why? This can't be right...

All this time...all these years...and what's this coming down my face...

Is this a tear? Never would thought, no where near.

Its a tragedy, that you have the audacity, to sit here and look me in my face

And dare to call me a disgrace?..Me? The one who's given you everything?!

My virginity?!

Staying up late when you you knocking and crying?

Sympathetic to your inconsiderate affections,

proving you protection even if I knew you were lying

Chop up a dollars to dimes to ensure you're fine

But then throwing up the white flag as I see inbetween the lines

Because in the essence of pride I could tell

I was just another drink from your well







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