A Mask Of Deception


Some may think I'm happy and fun, carefree and patient although I'm none.

The guy with the oh so perfect world, school, the family, and the girl.

But underneath that smooth exterior, lies a broken man growing wearier.

Tired of the difficulties life has thrown, but forced to countinue on his own.

Forced to make the hard decisions, while everyone else is about their business.

Decisions that will change the course of life, but the question is are they worth the strife?

Should he give up and just stop trying, or are there others like him who're crying.

Who're tired of life and the difficulties too, whom he needs to help to just pull through.

And maybe that's why he keeps on going, for those like him, crying and woeing.

Or maybe it's a more selfish reason, like self fulfullment or self cohesion.

At the end of the day nobody knows, and nobody sees I suppose.

The Mask Of Deception doing it's job, hiding his feelings although it's a fob.


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