How are you?

A frequently asked question that the majority of people answer with a cliché response: ok, good, fine, sad, mad... things like that.But, let me take you to how I really am. Venture into my conscience... Blurred vision... close to being blind. Feeling like you have the pieces to complete the puzzle, but you're missing a few. Scared to take a step forward... but if you step back, you'll be falling... Falling into the darkness you're already in... except you'll be deeper. Deeper in a deep that has no end... Feeling suspended in one spot but falling deeper simutaneously. The image the spectators see is you taking the easy walk in the park... but your walk in the park has now turned into a walk in the dark... Not just any dark though... A dark that suppresses you deeper the longer you wait. Clueless but so knowing... being a product of your environment soyour brain has been deceived... You see what you cannot see, but you don't know what it is that you see... Grasping but not grasping because you cannot fully comprehend what is clearly but not so clearly there...

So how am I? 

A question I am not fully equipped to answer...


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