I don't even know it.

I wake up and put on my mask each day,

the same mask everyone around me wears.

The "I got it all together, all my problems are light like feathers" mask.

I put the mask on for protection from my thoughts

but as the days go on my mask no longer fits.

My problems are too big to be hidden and too far gone to be fixed.


I'm stuck showing my true face,

with worries lines on my head and

disappointment circling around my eyes making them dark.

I put on makeup to create a new mask so that I can seem easy going

like everyone else but as my problems heat up my make up starts to melt.

In my heart I know the only way to fix this is to face my problems head on,

so what is taking me so long,

I guess I need to put my head on.


I've procrastinated too long and its time I faced my fears.

Its time to step away from everyone and look in the mirror.

All I see is time. Time to make things right, time to live my life,

time to be the person i want to be, the person I want to see.

I throw all my makeup and mask away and set my watch to improvement.

As I walk pass the "stress free" people and they all stare at the real me,

my lines fading away and my circles become lighter.

I may look different but that's because I'm on my way to better.


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