If only


Why is this happening?

All the tears counting amounting And no one here comforting

Something so unmistakable

Something so breakable 

And My heart aches it must be acheable

Pawns fall but look at the bigger picture

It's something bigger

Lately I've been gasping for air

Lost  my breath and I can't find it anywhere 

I swear today I've been so scared

Scratch that it was yesterday too

I guess I've been feeling under the weather but I don't have the flu

Going out with the crew past curfew

Just something I used to do

I'm only a hermit now  

Trapped like vermin now in a burlap sack

Never on track anymore

Abhor everything I used to adore

Torn but sworn to never leave your side 

So I can never hide 

But the truth does sting

Waiting for the phone ding 

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