Another Way Out


Her alchol level is high , her self esteem is low,

as she stands on this roof alone

she looks at the ground down below

she's ready to jump but her tears are in the way

she believes that God will save her and just carry her away

as she thinks of falling 93 feet down

she remebers all her fears

every single moment every single thought that brought foward her tears

the monsters under her bed broke her , left her damaged

she stands there bleeding from the broken pieces of her that she tried to bandage

what you don't understand is she use to smile

you wouldn't know her story unless you walked in her shoes for a mile,

Her insecurities got the best of her , they ate her


replacing her heart with a cold lump of coal,

all she had was the life her parents gave her,

even though they were all decievers,

they disowned her as she grew older

making her question is the world can get any colder

all the love she had was bought

for her nobody but herself had fought

words hurt just like fists

she would know always be hit

unil one day she said " that's it"

the angels removed her innocence,

left her shaking afraid in pain

she no longer has strenght

as she weaken her breath

she was alive but she was dead

 the demons never shutting up in her head

she couldn't take it she needed an escape

she needed some sort of a superhero

a man with a cape

but he never showed

so she turned to a bottle her mother owned

as she drank the voices became violent

after a while the voices became violent

she ran to the roof praying to make them stop

she stood therefeeling like a useless slump

she realized her only way out was to jump.


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