Sexual Deception


Deception, betrayal, lies, and affairs,

so much I’ve denied,

thinking my husband really cares,

yet deep down inside,

I knew it was true,

the signs were all there,

but I turned a blind eye,

to the obvious clues.


Craigslist, massages, chat lines, and porn,

I’d ask questions only to hear,

“Don’t worry this just part of the norm”,

He’d say, “I’m a guy”,

this is what guys do,

there’s nothing wrong with this,

besides, I’m doing it to get in the mood,

doing it, really for you!


Time’s passed,

I’m no longer in the dark,

neither is he,

owned up,

finally accepted responsibility,


It’s been a year since,

I’ve caught him with the stripper,

My heart still hurts,

wondering, “Why didn’t he control his zipper?!”,


We’re still together,

not because I’m scared to be alone,

I believe in second chances,

for him,

for us,

begin anew, on a foundation,

based on trust.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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