Sat, 01/26/2013 - 23:41 -- Grey

You are my lie, but seem like my truth.
You are the evil hiding in the fruit.
You are what keeps me loving what's lost.
You are what makes the snow seem just as frost.
With you I have fun at night and regret in morning.
With you I find love in this lust for which I am yearning.
With you I lose my soul while gaining the world.
With you I find myself just as a pointless girl.
For you I lost everything.
You twist my words and make it seem like nothing.
For you I am losing.
You manipulate my eyes and make it seem like winning.
The words I use to describe you are just the beginning.
Duplicity, deceit, fraud, hypocrisy.
A hoax, A sham, treachery, knavery.
All of those words do an injustice to your evil.
For you people go as far as to kill.
Most do good but for you make an exception.
Ruining lives; you are deception.


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