The Storm

There’s a storm growing inside of me

A storm I can not explain,

It’s whirling and growing vastly

It’s going to explode my brain.


I read a book as distraction

I even watched tv,

I couldn’t do my homework

So I drank a cup of tea.


I took a pen and pencil

& tried to write a diary,

My feelings wouldn’t come out

Because my truth was briery.


My sentences refuse to flow

I hope my poem serves you well,

Was it worth cheating on me for

Well I hope you go to hell.


It’s hurtng me inside

But it's not a physical pain,

I can't decipher if its mental

But I can feel it in my veins.


Cheating didn't hurt me

As much as your deception did,

Then I found out it was with my best friend

You probably felt outdid.


And I’m angry because I love you

Even after your deviant act,

When you put yourself inside of her

Did you forget our faithful pact?


Mother Nature told me

“Girl, you’ve been cheated on,”

You doubted a woman’s intuition

& tried to make me feel wrong.


You made me sound crazy

For making such accusations,

Then you said it was an accident

But who accidently has sex?


I needed time to recuperate

I needed to get myself together,

I wrote this poem as a message

That every dark storm gets better.


There's an empty pit in my stomach

Sometimes it pains me to say,

You’re still the only one who could fill it

But this scar still wouldn’t fade away.


I don't wish you ill

Because I still love you so much,

I hope your future with her is happy

Because I have overcome this grudge.


So I forgive you for what you’ve done

Because life has to go on,

I have found peace in myself

By no longer dancing to your songs.


I finally got my dream job

Working in a law office,

I was always capable without you

But now I know to be cautious.


Thank you for your time

The memories that won’t fade,

The lessons love has taught me

& thanks for the storm you made.


I overcame my worst nightmare

This poem was my guidance,

The rain has stopped falling

Because the storm has subsided.


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