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United States
United States

Relations built on anger
Hurt my partner
My feelings are starting to linger
I am trapped as a minor

Keep pushing him away
Wishing he would stay
Despite the past
His mindset makes it last

Always reminded of what he thought I did
He lost the reality of what really happened
Honeymoon phrase that turned into rage
I am still shaken

That night & those false eyes
I was too blind to see that the tree can impair what people see
Blindsighted but not Colorblind
It was clear

Funny how life works
A misunderstanding turned into a late night tangent
Lets make it work
Just tell me that you were wrong and I am right

Just sell your soul to make me feel better
A witness that was corrupted by the darkness
A claim that could not be proven
Lost in the sauce of chaos and drama

Slut shamed by my boyfriend
How? Why?
All were possessed by the tree that our love started to flee
Who knows what happened ?

My conscience and God
In all of this confusion
I am sick to say something vile  or vain
I thought he would change the energy that he had drained

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