Baby Doll

The pain and the deception that I felt when I saw you

I could describe it but no one would believe it to be true

Though it wasn’t the scene in front of me

But the words I heard from your lips

The ones that I used to cherish

The ones that I now can’t stand to hear


“Baby doll you’re one in a million”

The pieces of my heart fell away as each word fell from you

What happened to forever, my love?

I thought I was your doll


But it seems I’ve been put on a shelf

Collecting dust as you’ve found a new shiny toy

One that you spin around and whisper sweet things to

And buy flowers for, the way you used to for me


I’ve set into the same routine since you set me on the shelf

Watching from the windows

Watching from the shadows

And waiting for your baby doll to collect dust

Soon enough she’ll be up here too


Because none of us “baby dolls” last long

Before the next one is put on the shelf



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