Artful Deception

A love lost is no simple subject

Its complexity knows no bounds

Like the infinite space surrounding us all

Adoration is no easy emotion to be rid of for someone

When that someone holds such immense talent

With ballads louder than volcanic eruption

Words with a fiery passion

That burned as though they were directly from the sun


Though actions speak louder than words

The voice can still be powerfully coercive

Place a little red bow on those words

Touch up their makeup and style their hair

Make them convincing


The facade can only live for so long

Soon enough the makeup will run

The hair will be left unkempt

And the little red bow will become untied

It will be known

It will be discovered

The deception you’ve practiced will find its way back to you

And it will show you its wrath


Beauty can be deceiving

Though the lines that were fed were poetic

Though the lines that were fed were of great passion

Poetry may be beautiful

But the beauty of your words cannot veil the malicious action

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