Infamous Hero.



Can't you hear me,

give me achance,

hear my screaming,

I'm begging you now.

When did this happen?

It happened so fast,

one night you're winning,

the next one you're smashed.

Confussion now strikes,

they can't say too much,

I want to understand,

I want to know why.

Why are you crying?

Why won't you stop?

Stop ticking,

I ask you,

that goddam old clock.

Turn on the T.V., 

but, oh, not to loud,

'cause mommy might hear it,

would that be so wrong?

Say the name,

yes, that name,

even if I hear it,

I won't try to believe it.

Well, this time it's time,

he really is screwed,

caught in the action,

caught in the feud.

I said mommy is crying,

and daddy just screams,

illicit business, 

to help the man flea.

No, I don't want to know,

no, I don't want to hear,

I'm filled with deception,

I'm filled with fear.

This isn't my drama,

I should be strong,

don't dare to feel,

just shut it off.

Shut it off, I keep saying,

don't you say a word,

smile for the others,

especially at home.

You infamous hero,

what have you done?

If you mess with millions,

millions become undone. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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