Trust Issues


To trust in me is to trust in you,

what you don't understand is that I'm broken in two,

wondering if I will get hurt and what will I do,

see my life is a lie,

I dont even trust the flies,

assuming they all look at me like spies,

ready to critisize,

all of me ,

all the scrapes on my knees,

I hurt myself climbing out,

fighting for what I want without a single pout,

I made it too far to givie in,

for you to walk all over me ,

to let you win,

It will take time for me to learn,

my trust you need to earn,

before I turn ,


as if there is no other way,

for me to stay,

because at the end the one that will hurt is myself,

wishing I was better so I can be on the top shelf,

not left at the bottom , forgotten,

told I was a spoiled child , rotten,

by the ones I love,

what makes me think you won't do the same when push come to shove.




omg i really love this poem keep up the good work

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