nOt mY fAUlt

You beat me,

You yelled in my face, 

You slammed my head into the walls.

You broke my soul, 

it came crumbling down



I always said that I'd forgive you, 

but I haven't,

and I won't.


Because if it was you,

not me,

then why should I



Because if it was you, 

not me, 

then why should I 

take the blame?


Cause it's not my fault, 

I was the victim. 

You hit me

and I fell down.

You broke my heart

and called me names,

one too many times. 


Because if it's you, 

not me, 

then why should I feel guilty?


Cause it's not my fault,

I didn't do it. 

You're the one who teared me down. 

And I saw you way too much, 

I tried to stay away. 


I didn't want to hear you say:

"You're so stupid!",

"You're a piece of trash!", 

"You're worthless!",

And I don't want that, 


not anymore. 


I can't take this, 

or fight you. 

It's not my fault. 


Just say you're sorry

and we can go back

to how it used to be. 


Only if you show me

that you mean it, 

not trick me

and start all over.


This is the only way. 


Cause if it was the other way around,

then I would undetstand.

And I hope you would learn

a thing or two, 

from switching lives for a little while.



Just apologize!



You wonder when I'll talk to you,

you ask if I'm still mad.

You act like mothing happened.

Well, I'm telling you that, 

you know what you did, 

you know that it was your fault.

So I shouldn't take the blame.


Because if it's you, 

not me, 

then why should I be the bigger person?








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