At a glance...

Years are

Engraved on the forehead

Eroded by concealer

Souls are

Peering from the eyes

Blocked by avoidance

Ignorance is

Spoken boastfully

To those who will listen

Pain is

Trying not to cry

And succeeding

Thoughts are

Mirrored by expression

Covered by excuse

Experiences are

Shown as scars

Hidden by clothing

Determination is

Measured in footsteps

Corrupted by surrender

Love is

Willing to go far


Beliefs are

Worn with pride

Behind a wall of cautiousness

Whispers are

Sharing secrets

Or spite

Happiness is

Felt inside

Beneath the hatred

Wisdom is

Going right

But sometimes left


In the beginning

We are open books

But we close ourselves up

And wear covers to deceive

Waiting for someone


To make the effort

And read our story

Without giving the cover

A glance

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