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I released you, my beautiful and passionate  anxiety. I release you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I don’t know you as separate from myself. I release you with all the
I will here plant a seed and feel the compost of forgotten years, and breathe the warm air of this, the present.  And wait in the world to see
For the longest time,  I let it encapsulate me.    Fear gripped me with its  frozen, harsh, ugly hands.  They were unrelenting.   I would tell you a story  of suffering  of  pain 
How wonderful you cannot choose The place and part you least will bruise For all the phases: yellow, green Some unsightly, some unseen You would miss out, you would not get The new from different sustance skin
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
I'm not starving like most of Africa, or trying to flea its war  torn borders. There is no looking out of a single celled room, an externally locked door, and a four barred window. This isn't my reality.
Your heart’s thumping hard You can hear the drums beating Fire’s spilling from your eyes Every thought seem so fleeting   There’s a pen in hand And a word on your mind No one else can hear it
The mind is a battlefield A realm of chaos Thoughts fighting for dominance To be discovered and elaborated upon Fragments
When her mouth is sewn Her hand speaks When pain leaks from her eyes The screams float on sheets  
Running from, yet to Car, door Searching the holder and finding it empty.
A girl writing words A questioning heart Accept it Accept it Open your hands and release Watch it fall  A brief moment of satisfaction  Destination of full acceptance
alone at night the fire rumbles  pushing hard to burst to life  spark of light in frozen jungle  virgin paper unstained by eye   precision folds urged to display  quiet letters hidden from sight 
Because I love you, you should do what I say. Because I love you, you can't hang out with your friends. Because I love you, you can't wear that. Because I love you, you should stay home.
Once upon a time,  a girl lived all alone. Wanting to explore the world but did not know where to go. She tried the rainforest, and the sea, but that was not where she wanted to be.  
never ever will i write a poem that i need to put away and get out later i like the flow of the sink and the faucet of my thoughts that at the granite of my pencil, the faucet can churn a powerful stream of water
Her smile was fake, her soul was crushed, she saw all the bad, no good in her sight.   The colors were gone,
The time has come To end the suffering Of those I love Becoming weaker each day My body corroding away Confided to this bed My life is ending The only reason I am alive
My Flower, In full bloom, Demonstrated it's beauty. My Flower, Although shrouded from sunlight, Thrived off of the happines of others. My Flower, Began to falter,
Negativity builds in my veins Threatening to suffocate my heart Thoughts drag through a mud That coffee fails to clear But to move Sweat Release that toxic tension Unhinge my mind through the
If you dare, come to the dream-seller's store It's filled with inspiration, gold and hope She'll sell you a good future, maybe more Tied up with string or silver chains or rope.
You told me to look inside myself. And find the answer to your riddle. To reach into the deepest caverns, Of a heart that’s damn near shriveled.   You want to know about my life,
Breathe in.   Feel the rush of filth permeate your being.            Your soul is heavy, laden with the grief and sorrow of this world.
I wish it all to stop, I am tired of these tears, these aches Pressed into me and stamped on my back. I am searching for sunshine And for these tears to relax. Relax in the sun or in the shade.
To get and grasp separation of paths is difficult sometimes how do I accept chaotic intersections that are not mine? So emotions keep fumbling over, but the top's still on
Alone upon the wreckage, Broken hearts on either side, The dark distorted crater, Where my last hope came and died.   The darkness all around me, Not cut through by the light, My solo isolation,
Landmines Claim the Ability To disrupt, To contain, To destroy, To supress, To unhinge, To contract, To dismantle, To idle. <br /> All while
These ups and downs don't mean a thing
Clarity although I knew it was not my fault
This is not my face. This is a façade I have worn this mask forever, so long I almost forget it's not really me But I am not alone in this We all hide ourselves at times I chose to hide forever
 Reaching into myself Trying to find the real me
She stares at her arm. Covered in wounds caused by self harm
No one hears you crying when you're suffering in silence, Covering your mouth, doing all you can to hide it. I know you're not going to last long, trying so hard to fight it. You ask me how I know?
Nothing EPIC to write about, clean and sober. Wondering just how much longer until this hell is over. No visions of riches no dreams of fame, no delusions of grandger and nothings the same. The pounds I put on are supposed to be healthy.
Breath and think. Breath and don't think. Release your feelings in words that are not spoken. Do not be tempted to anger as who you are. You are better than the hateful thoughts that plague your mind.
Sit back and hear the Dragon's cry Search for the stories thrown across the sky
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
Slowly the fingers role, knowing their place silent but so loud they pluck individually, then simoltaniously they slip from each string the sound is so beautiful so simple
There's an itch that needs a scratchJust like an egg that needs to hatch
Smoke in mirrors, to the sick minded that's clear Clear as crystal... The thoughts of ending life with a pistol
Terrifying to live with 
                                          The truest pain is the one you don't initially feel                     Question, what happened? and was it even real?
Daddy daddy A little girls hero Her very first crush Been with her since zero He'd rock her to sleep And tickle her till she woke But her daddy, he left her Recovering from coke
This is my secret I have not told. This is my secret I don't wish to hold. This is my secret, it will ruin my rep. This is my secret and my very first step. This is my secret
My soul bleeds onto the paper with each word released from the pen in my hand. In a dark room. An empty room. Only me and the voice inside my head—or is it the voice inside my heart?  
Raining in the middle of the street  We dance to a Rhythm
I don't know what to say.    I'd love to be that one that doesn't walk away But I'm afraid that it's in my blood; These scars prove that it's a part of who I am
 Xxasperated Irritated Feeling the need to be Elated Want to be liberated  Trying to fascilate it 
  Don't imprison me with your determined boundaries of fear and unhappiness  My love is real, unwavering Don't hold me so close, so tight I can't breathe  My breathe is for you, unheedingly 
Your fear freezes your ability to see my dreams Your fear keeps me trapped and unhappy Your fear is determined for me to follow the masses Your fear is soul crushing
I used to think that bubble wrap, Was the best way to go.   That touching the world, Through a pane of glass, Was better than feeling the warmth, Beneath my fingers.
I’m sorry, sorry that I let you down because you  have ridiculously high expectations  and that you want me to  be a better version of you,
she exhales a barely audible whisper  dissipating slowly  through the drifting currents  of the wind  and with that solitary  spoken word  hardly a sound that 
I shall repent? I shall forgive? Woe is me. God will you listen please! Don't let it be. Don't shy away, have you seen what sin has done to me? There's a hole in my heart where hell has been bestowed upon me. Forever and a day...
Constant tapping echoes through the night In my head, the throbbing increases Then I awake to a blinding light That shatters into a thousand pieces   My heart pounds with incredible might
Punish me for what I have done, Or punish me for what I have not.We were one,And she strangled my love.
They’d say “you look like your father but I wonder what you got from your mother” I’d wonder too My other mother Our resemblance as detached as our relationship
  Sitting in the front seat, Got the full view, In the highest row, Caught sitting in the highest pew. See the world for what it truly is,
I’m done. I am so done. I give up. I don’t know what else I can do.   …it has to end here. All the scheming                      Betraying                                 “Misunderstanding”
Your mind is roaming, so full of thoughts. You cannot stop thinking, your mind is so wrought. Constantly doing something for others, expecting nothing in return. Silently seeking happiness and someone elses concern.
Cry... that's it, just let it out, cry. No one's here to judge, so just let the tears fall from your eyes. Release... If you keep it bottled up how can you expect any peace? So please...
Take that old test down to the basement Time to prove it doesn't mean sh*t Take a big red marker; paint a target on it Stick it to the cardboard, the way I wish I could stick it to the teacher and have done with it
I push myself beyond all limits, laugh doubters in the face, nothing and no one can keep me from reaching,touching, breathing you. My oath is to pursue you everyday and never tire of being by your side.
There's a voice inside my heartAnd she's screaming at the top of her lungs pick up the penget the notebooksit at the computerfor God's sakelet me talk
i inhale. knots. there are knots in my Chest. tension runs through my veins, snApping at each curve. my bones, oh, how They scream so loudly! i will quiver.   seizing limbs,
The problem is that people can only speak with                                     oneMouth. Most people will only listen to a person a single                         time.
Why do I write? When things are not alright I'm full of fright Yet trying to be polite Thus, I keep it all inside Wallowing in my own pride But it all shows in my stride
Inside my head is A fountain pen So I put my thoughts On paper   A fountain pen Of my inky thoughts, Bottled in the well of My mind   But sometimes the ink
I could lie down on a small black couch to fill the air with all my petty cares. Or keep it bottled up inside and let smolder, until my face is lined, grey, and older. Instead I use a pen, blank paper
I killed myself again last night, with the psycho analysis of the friend at my side. And even though it kills to be so dismayed, I delay, I progress, and I delay further days.
I start to write because there is something inside of me,  I write to let my thoughts, my oh so complicated thoughts, out. No one, but the paper, will feel all my tension. The pressure I put on the paper.
He lets me know that I'll be alright, he sees my tears and holds me tight. eyes wide open yet im sleep, left alone to solemnly weep. scared of love because he'll probably leave and though its cold I'll plant my seed.
Laughing at the good times - Crying because of the bad I held on because I desperately wanted you to be the one - But I know it is time I need to set you free - Clear my head and prepare my heart
Have you ever just looked out and saw everything you couldn't formulate an explanation to captured through the simple essence of nature For instance take this cruise,
I hate the way that you left me,abruptly, and without warning.I hate how the last words you said to me were the best,“I love you, too,” you said into my embrace.I hate that I’m in shambles now,
Stick to head The rhythm of aggression Left to right Consciousness in suspension Things go wrong Take it all out on the pad Flam tap tap You drive all the neighbors mad
So, we can live deliberately can't we? Finding our missing piece Missing piece of love and hope Hidden within the deep well of a heart Desolated once our purpose is completed
Beyond this moment, lost and grieving This world turns forward, folding through time. If we stayed, this weakened state We would loose, frozen in ourselves Lost to the civilizations around us.
In silence, she contemplated... planned and planned again, in the event that she wasn't successful She didn't know what was in the here-after... but she knew that it couldn't be worse than this...
Writing is my getaway, Whenever I have a bad day. Pen to page all day long, To bleed it out and make me strong. Rising to the top. Just keep going; never stop. Excited, sad, Happy, mad;
Beautiful, soaring, so high Deep as the river a mile wide Touch the soul and shed a tear Poetry brings me here
Cheers to a new chapter of a poorly written book Where the author's raw emotion was often overlooked Where she agonized with words and trailed off in thought Where she timidly ran her fingers through her hair and would pout
Crying in my room, overwhelmed by circumstances I can’t control Confessing my fears as my tears silently roll Standing before you with nothing to offer, Only broken pieces to lie at Your altar,
How might one describe the rain? How it patters, how it falls? Emotion is grasped in fleeting droplets Feeling is washed by recycled water Self is contained, self is released
The man controls the puppet, The second it is finally made- And goes on to make the rest To fulfill a romantic charade.
I watched you burn today. I wrote your name on a piece of paper, and told it All the things that you never wanted to hear. I watched you burn today. I spoke about all the times you made me feel
Tear down your burgundy Oh heartless one As I reach forth to you   Fear me, as I have the atrocity of pain For this insanity shall gain over me   Pour down your blood into this pit of misery
This is verse about me and all of you Call me blunt- I have no tact But I’m tired of putting on this serving act Call it vanity, call it pride But I am a queen with nothing to hide
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