Turn To Me

Your heart’s thumping hard

You can hear the drums beating

Fire’s spilling from your eyes

Every thought seem so fleeting


There’s a pen in hand

And a word on your mind

No one else can hear it

But it’s calling out, unwinding


The pen hits the page

And suddenly I’m alive

Every tear and emotion

Is my blood, it’s my drive


You’re the source of my beauty

I’ve become your expression

I’m tearing down your walls

Fighting the world’s oppression


Word after word turn to phrase

And a picture starts to form

I’m unraveling into something

I’ve never been before


And the anger disappears

No more hurt or confusion

Like the water down the drain

I am now your restitution


As your mirror, you look down

And see me, pages of words

You find that courage has unlocked

A strength inside you stirred


The night has finally come

The tears, at last, are gone

But through the escape of poetry

The battle we have won

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