Whatever flows through.


                                          The truest pain is the one you don't initially feel
                     Question, what happened? and was it even real?
                                   Neglect the emptiness, to make sure you don't cry
                    Say you love something new and conceil what's inside
                                                 Something somehow saw and pulled your trigger 

          And any bruise now just seems darker and bigger

                                                  Sometimes i cry thinking of when life was easy,
                                                   Laying in bed, our eyes locked, smile cheesing.
                                                    I had you in my hands you slipped and ran, 
                                                                                                                     with my guitar im wheeping
                                              It's not fair to you, not fair to me,
                              ..with emotions streaking

         Help me get by put a patch on my wound,
                                                                                       you're the most coziest soul in the room

       Now i'm oblivios to what others would say is wrong,
I'll express what io feel through each and everys song


                                               At times I'm afraid to even bring up the pain
              Skeptical to hear, you've been inflicted the same
                                                     I'm cautious to help make a gash from a cut
                       I'm hoping you're stronger and won't just erupt

Love from a warm tender hearts what i seek
It must be hard to accept one's who's existence been bleak.

                                                                                                       Displaying: waves of emotions that flow.


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