An Author's Monologue

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 00:06 -- gcnf95


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Cheers to a new chapter of a poorly written book
Where the author's raw emotion was often overlooked
Where she agonized with words and trailed off in thought
Where she timidly ran her fingers through her hair and would pout
Where the sound of her voice was what scared her the most
Because the echo it demanded came not from the host

And through all the trials she had come to face
she feared people's judgment and began to erase
the moments that killed her and the times it took place
the moments tears ran down her pretty little face
she didn't want to feel weak; not anymore
she thought she could outgrow this - she was no longer four
she was no longer poor, malnourished but more
And the potential in her spoke in volumes;
she was the late blue bud before it blooms

She was torn between throwing her old life away or continuing where she left off
All the words she had previously written on paper were all scribbled out
The anxiety rushed through her veins as her mind began to shout
because all she ever wanted was to be heard about
She wanted to be accepted for the good and the bad
She wanted to be accepted for the happy and the sad
She didn't feel the same all hours of the day
And her book mirrored that image in every single way

It dawned on her at that very moment
That though the cover was bad and the binding was rigid
every stitch she had made was what kept her book nicely fitted
The book didn't lack quality, it lacked character
Because it was the author who wash't being a good care taker
She didn't take up the responsibility; that was her failure
She didn't act on her potential; she was her own traitor -

So boys and girls, listen here
When it comes to your desires, don't react with fear
To be heard and felt are things you'll never regret
Your past is what made you, you but don't ever let
your past dictate the stagnation in your life; that moving forward from where you are is the way
Don't do what I did and erase everyday
Your past makes you stronger; this is my insight to you
You don't have to rewrite your past to make history anew.


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