Dim Vividness

Her smile was fake,

her soul was crushed,

she saw all the bad,

no good in her sight.


The colors were gone,

the shapes had blurred,

her once vivid sight,

turned dull over months.


She yearned for the day,

that all would be well,

never once seeing

that love all around.


"No one understands,

no can see,

just how broken I am

and how bleak life can be."


Her mom in the hospital,

her young brother in fear,

"I can't do it anymore,"

For she never saw

the true love that was there

in the eyes all around

as they watched over her soul.


"She's so pretty,"

they thought,

"and amazingly strong.

It's as clear as the day,

but her blindness blocks

the beauty of her heart."


Her mother released,

her brother relieved,

and their life went on

as normal as could be.


"Why is it me?

Why can't I be happy too?

Am I not good enough

or is something else?"


Day turned to night

and night turned to day,

over and over and over again.

The answers to her questions

were lost in the maze

that surrounded her heart

the day her parents split.


2016 was nearing it's end.

"Finally," she thought

"this year was the worst,

it was so full of trials

and hardships and aches.

But I still haven't discovered,

who I really am."


The very next day,

an epiphany occurred,

"maybe, she thought,

"I'm not supposed to know yet.

Maybe," she thought,

"that I should live first,"


And she opened her eyes

for the very first time,

she saw all the colors

as vivid as could be


and the shapes formed once more

into the lovely land she calls home.


And she saw all the care in

the world once again,

and at once she remembered,

"I was never alone."


Life wasn't easy

that was for sure.

What college should she choose?

What path should she take?


She doesn't know who she is,

not yet and she's knows

she'll probably never know,

because life changes people

and all that really matters

is what she does today that counts.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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