The Arrows Ate My Homework

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 21:34 -- DaXue

Take that old test down to the basement

Time to prove it doesn't mean sh*t

Take a big red marker; paint a target on it

Stick it to the cardboard, the way I wish

I could stick it to the teacher and have done with it

Nock my arrow, pull back until the feathers brush my face

I'm safe now, secure now, I have my tranquil place

See how I release the string, and now the projectile flies

It hits its mark and lights a spark

And so that paper dies.


Oh, look, another one, and this one has a comment:

"You didn't say exactly what I wanted, so this English test? You bombed it."

Well, that's a darn shame.

It's a bigger shame my arrows can't carry flames,

Nock another (flameless) arrow, and let's do it all again

Feel the tension in my bow? I once held that within.

Let the arrow go once more and now it hits the red

Of the "F" my teacher gave me, well,

That test is "effing" dead.



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