The Itch

There's an itch that needs a scratch
Just like an egg that needs to hatch
It's in the soul; it's in the mind
And when as one they are combined,
Art is therein intertwined
And it must not be confined


Whether prose or melody,
Painted 'scapes or poetry,
Woven yarn, photography,
Or another artistry,
There's a type that favors you--
Perhaps more than one or two


When inspiration is inside,
Fear may try to let it hide
But you'll combust if it stays in
And then you'll lose more than you'll win
A piece of self left there to die--
That missing glimmer from your eye


Cultivate that part of you
Pencil the lines; brighten the hue
Don't ignore the itch for long
Or you will miss out on that song
And your lips will stay sealed shut
As you plunge into a rut


Please, take it from me:
If it frees you, set it free!


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