The Problem With Obtaining Goals (Why I Write)

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 19:01 -- Beks001


The problem is that people can only speak with                                     one
Mouth. Most people will only listen to a person a single                         time.
First impressions mean everything in this society.                                    A
lying grin and the perfect amount of purpose composed of                     small
efforts to disguise the facts with effortlessly spun distractions. A             girl

stuck in a world with the mindset she cannot do as she pleases;               just
wasting away in false hallelujah and the "right" guys. A girl who never      wanted
to drown in pools of pom poms and decaf frappachinos, had ideas         to
shout to the world, to change the course of the future, to construct, to    tell
to believe in. This girl, with unsure eyes and and shaking thighs, and       the
tongue like a kaleidoscopes, could shake the world with the                  truth.


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