She stares at
her arm.
Covered in wounds
caused by self harm
Digging the razor
blade into her skin
Releases all of
her pain within
She watches as
her blood is freed
The physical pain
fills her emotional need
A drop of the thick
red liquid hits the floor
Her eyes close until
she hears the door
She glances up
surprised by what she sees
The boy she loves
in tears, falling to his knees
Seeing him in so
much pain
Makes her want
to cut again
She looks at the blade
and the boy, tormented
Wanting the blade
makes her feel demented
Getting up, the boy
grabs medical wrap
Bandaging her arm, he
feels as if he is running his final lap
She blinks at him
holding back tears
But she is scared to
cry, since she hasn’t in years
Running her fingers across
the bandage, she lets a tear fall
Letting out one tear
seems to release them all
She closes her eyes
as her tears finally release
With his arms around
her, she feels her pain ease
Giant sobs rack
her fragile frame
Each one erasing
some of her shame
She looks deep
into his eyes
So used to betrayal,
she’s scared his love is a disguise
Releasing her from
his tight embrace
He looks at her
square in the face
She sees something
in his eyes and is surprised
Smiling down at her
he wipes one last tear from her eyes
He leans down
gently holding her face
And their lips meet
in a sweet embrace
She watches mentally
as her worries fade
This moment in time
is why she was made
Knowing he feels
the same way
Will help her go
day by day


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