Driver's Seat


Sitting in the front seat,

Got the full view,

In the highest row,

Caught sitting in the highest pew.

See the world for what it truly is,

Corrupters rotting the minds from young adults to little kids.

Darkness in the people that I know and see,

Wondering how this could be,

So ugly and painful, they say you become who

you are around,

Hopefully what they have inside them won’t find a way to make it around

To me.

But I have the front view, so I can see

That is has,

The world isn’t ugly, we all are-

Caught holding onto our pain, our very last scar,

Using it as ammunition to fight against people when they strike a chord,

So we lash out and when it comes to the solution, it is easily ignored.

We are ugly, until we can find beauty and life within us,

Until we can learn to love, our hearts are useless,

Just left there collecting dust.

I see it cause I am able to see myself,

I am able to readjust and invest in my mental health.

I see them, and I see me,

I am honest about my pain,

And thus I am free.




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