Trapped Inside My Own Thoughts


I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face

I wonder if thou hath my lips, or my eyes

Perhaps thou hath my long bony fingers

Or maybe thou hath not been told lies


Does thou count the stars?

Does thou EVER stare at the sky?

And maybe once tried to find

A missing girl lost in thy mind


I thinkenth not of you but your face

I thinkenth of your name and your grace

Always finding a way into my mind

Like a thief stealing without kind


What's a world without mystery?

What's a horror movie without suspense?

What's my life without curiosity?

And who are you without distance?


Life has not a backspace to erase

Once it happens, you have it to face

The sad part was, thou never came

Now I'm left in a bit of shame


Does thou look like me?

Do I looketh like thou?

I hope the world can deny

Without you I will die


A Simple photo shall work

Or perhaps your real name

She doesn't want to give it to me

But I will not rest unpleased


Fifteen years ago thou left.

Fifteen years in the present thou is still gone.

Fifteen years in the future thou will be gone.

And fifteen more years in my mind thou will be none


But now, the questions have changed
Because I cannot be deranged
The game has new rules
And I WILL NOT be influenced by fools


I am happy now
Now that I don't think of thou.
Thou were just a blur in my mind
And it's finally time to unwind.


The days are now brighter
Now that my heart is lighter
Because without thou in my head,
I will never again dread what you never even said!



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