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So What Is The Position of The ... " Human Condition " ... ???
OH RIGHT I SEE ... It's The Things I Speak ... That ACTUALLY Affect The Way ... " YOU Feel " ... ?!? OH So Things I've Said Have HURT ... YOUR Head ... !!!
MAN I Sure Can Pick Em' ... !!!!!! These ... CONFUSED Women ... It's Like I'm DRAWN Somewhat Forlorn ... Like A King That's PINNED On An Old Chess Board ... THIS ONE Was TALL ... Waistline Small ...
A poem to you, a poem I dreamt, a poem you made true.
Used to believe love was always in my favor  That loving you was the best part of me That loving you was the only thing that I wanted when I felt like the whole world was against me
A gifted talent no one's found Watching a TV with no sound Eating chips that crack too loud No verbal contact, I'm too profound To hide behind your lies and hold truth You're subtle but I have no proof
When tragedies happen we often think, "it didn't happen to me, So it doesn't matter as much" we think we are a safe distance from the violence.  That's what they want us to think. 
Swimming through my lake of thoughts I gaze and then behold, The dreams are singing, and hopes are ringing The young and also the old
Why assume I am always busy with work? Why assume you are bothering me? Why are you acting like everything is bright ignoring the darkness? Why can’t you confess you suck at communication?
Nine year old me,  wrote how she hated to be,  enclapsed in a world,  full of misery.    Thirteen year old me, hated to see how the world,  percieved women to be.   
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
I know... That this is something we don't like to hear. But the way we survived has made only one thing clear. We hate to be betrayed... But we never own up to the truth.  
Dear Life Problems,    Why don't you understand? I want to be me!  But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand. It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.
Dear Beautiful, You. Yes, you. You are loved. You are perfect. You are beautiful. In our society People are so quick to judge Based on what's seen on the outside
This number is only going to do so much for me It may have someone waiting to save me on the other end But I don't have the courage to call I feel like if I call I'd just take another fall Trying to call
Caruso’s party was filled with the same lunatics from last year.
I lean against the locker, Hard and cold on my back Breathing in and out, Keeping it in track.   She's coming for me.   My fingers have gone brittle and I bite them to the bone.
You say you love me but you talk to me with such hostility You say you love me but you break me down emotionally You say you love me but you always bring up the past You say you love me but you cause me so much pain
Life was put into me and in an overtime instance, I was hooked. Not one soul could take away the love I had for you. Your smile. My smile. We internally matched. Were one. Whole.
Yeah, I was sad when Robin Williams died I sat there and watched as my whole family cried But what got me was the outrage that came from his suicide Yet, nobody cared this much when Lelah Alcorn died
i do not have scars, nor am I scarred  or marked by such i am the scar the tree's root a tissue formed in  passed over scenes the wound's product
Knock, knock, knock.Love's arrived and his fists leave knuckle prints apon the door in front of me.Knock, knock, knock.Love's knocking earthquakes at my feet
In and from this world what do we really want?
So you found out Well, how do you feel? Me? I feel vulnerable Anxious Confused Judged Hurt Angry Destroyed This was a side of me that you weren't ready for
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
Im feeling all the fears I feel dead inside I need a pen and paper and a thing of cyanide
Authenticity The orgin of all truth The face of deceit
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
A knife to my chest Or a gun to my head as i  breathe my last breath though  im already  dead Who cares if i die Or is this just satans lies its myself i despise All these tears i done cried
Round 1: You ask your parents how they feel about gay people "trash" "freaks" "sinners"
I envy those that shine in the light, Those who aren't afraid to fight for who they are. For every time I think it's time, For every time I say that this moment, this one is surely mine,
would you miss me if i died? Would you stay up late at night if you knew today was my goodbye would you try when you woke because your the one who wished it on me would you try to call the next day
In the world, Love is lost, Hearts are broken, Along with bones and spirits, People die, People cry, People cheat, And people lie, Men are murderers, While poverty is persistent,
I let it go. I gave up. I stood my ground and was put down.
She does not know when to behave, never asked me if I am ok, criticizing and jabbing at my brain, the pounding heartbreaking pain. She knows there is someone to blame,
Trapped.  She is trapped with no way out. The fraction of hope that she contains is the only thing that is keeping her sane, if that is what she is. At this point, there is no doubt in her mind that he will return.
Drowning. She is drowning in the loneliness that is clouding her thoughts. When she thought. If she thought; she thinks she feel him, just in the back of her mindset.
"he's still here."   here.   Here and gone. The words meld into one.    I screamed. I cried. I lost my mind. Is it possibly to feel so much at the same time?
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
I’ve never been good at acceptin
You are so smart, They say. So much potential, They say. You'll be great, They say. Just get your test scores up, They say. 32 isn't good enough.  
In our world today
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
he takes all i have  and all he leaves behind is my regret and sorrow that has remained for quite some time   i fade to ashes in the wind when his words singe away my pain
My favorite people told me Not to lose my fucking flames I'm not playing games My passion will not be tamed   Yeah I'll go to school Please my mother Ease the smothers
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
You are ungrateful Lost in a world Where alcohol is your therapist And you hit your little girl   She cries when she touches The bruise on her face A soft and plush cheek
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
It was once physical Others were considered property Now it is social Others are considered inferior   So since we can't control what they think We control what they do
I can be whatever I want to be-That is, except myself.
A Life Never Lived I hear them quarrel About my life So cold and immorel Words like a knife   The truth is ungloved
If I could change one thing, it’d be this tall, intimidating fence. I’d tear it down and frolic away deliriously into the world that’s been waiting for me.
As a child, I've always been hollow on the inside
Sometimes I have a hard time picturing myself sitting behind a desk, or standing in a gym, or flipping burgers. In other words, I have serious issues.
Would you do it? Kill a friend? If you killed a child, Would it end? An elderly man Wheelchair bound, Would you knock him To the ground? What of a dog Battered and beaten?
For my sister Annemarie   Its not that we couldn't be its not that we never have been its not that we cant see
Sitting in a room full of people but nobody can hear your scream. Walking down the halls alone as if you were in a horrible dream.
Why should I respect you? When you feed me propaganda- I don’t react pleasantly.  Oh credit cards are the devil and fracking is great- REALLY?  
I may be quiet, I may be shy, but that doesn't mean recognition will kill me.   What I'm doing right -homework, quiet, listening- even if everyone else is disregarding your voice,
Ambulance sirens.Someone else dying.Girls getting knocked up.The fathers leave or get locked up.Few fake cops.Walking out dealing with Opps.
I sit here, with my wallet empty. But I don’t cry for me, I cry for us. Why does that man have to sleep outside? Why do mothers have to lose their pride? Sitting with their babies in the welfare line.  
Broken home Broken heart Torn from the inside out Just ripped apart ……………………………….. You’re behind my scars
To trust in me is to trust in you, what you don't understand is that I'm broken in two, wondering if I will get hurt and what will I do, see my life is a lie, I dont even trust the flies,
So black and white You'll never understand The smudges and strokes Of my untrained hand   The lines and confines of my several binds That bind and tie lies to those who must die
NumbEmptyAching to be with you Ripped away from our fateNot given the dateOf when we can be together again Days pass in a blurAs Nights move like a slugNo relief from this pain
It's an electric impulse That makes you turn down the road Which had been unknown to you before   9 watts made you think Different is new New is better   But if you had known
I strive because I write.I strive because I don't run.I strive because I'm different.I strive because I'm someone.It's not a competition,And if it is, it's against me.I look into the mirror,
Im trap in a world where there noUnderstandingWere my mother is never AcceptingWere my boyfriend is never too LovingWere my family is almost not worth Killing I imagine myself dyingStabbingShootingAt myselfBeing trap in a world of pain andMisery I
I've got my own issues. Not the kind of issues that girls have with their own bodies, Or the kind that are openly discussed. No. My issues are on the inside and are like secrets hidden in a box.
What is wrong with the world?
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being… Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
Could you look me in the eyes? My mistake is easy to repair! Don't treat me so coldly, do not despise Simply because the crack was large.
My fear consumes me. I'm torn on the inside. Should I stay for you, Or can I run for me? I feel your soul filled eyes, Staring down and judging. After my past with you, How do I change me?
I am in pain, From my head to my chest, Nothing has changed, I always tried my best, But it did nothing, I don’t belong here, I am something, But I can’t shed a tear, I am in pain,
To say what I haven't… To whisper the words that I could not say I forgot the way we use to once be… The connections that use to be had… The bonds we use to share I lost them. I strayed from the path…
My knees are weak They begin to tremble From fear of deceit My body longed for home, that was calling for me. How did I get to this point ? I feel like I've lost all hope, stranded I was.
It’s like he’s trapped in a cage. He’s building up rage Within the days He’s been spending in this place Where he’s stuck, Surrounded by his own thoughts and emotions That his demons brought
Please mister president, Listen to my plea. There are fellows like you and me Living on the street, They are treated like meat. When they have hearts and souls Like you and me, But it seems to be,
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