Love Cycles

A gifted talent no one's found
Watching a TV with no sound
Eating chips that crack too loud
No verbal contact, I'm too profound
To hide behind your lies and hold truth
You're subtle but I have no proof
You say "hey, what's good?" or "what it do?"
My daggered look can see through you
Im looking there to smell your truths
I'm looking there which is through you
But I'm not fictious
You talk, I listen
Your mouth won't quiver, while your eyes glisten
Now there's a blissful silence
You break it off with mischief violence
We roll and fall
We're laughing and cry
Let them say what they will
It will be if it's GOD's will
Your love I cannot deny
You trust I will not defy
I'll forever stand by your side
All because you chose to stand by mine
I'm sorry Im not fictitious
I'm not great I'm magnificent
You believe in me, wow
But that doesn't matter now
I'm different and inexperienced
Yet your love shows with no distance

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