The Pain of Separation

Aching to be with you

Ripped away from our fate
Not given the date
Of when we can be together again

Days pass in a blur
As Nights move like a slug
No relief from this pain

No contact
No intimacy or comfort
No hope

Months that still have to pass
Seconds to tick by
Minutes to slither by
Hours to drag by

Losing my mind

Wanting to hug you and cry
Wanting to go back to this summer when we spent the days and nights together
Comforted by each others company





I love this poem. I like it because I am feeling this way now. You pictured what I have been thinking and have not been able to put in words thank you!

Misguided Dreamer

Thank you for understanding and being able to relate. It means a lot to me. I'm "grounded" and not allowed to see the one person who keeps me sane and I'm having a lot of issues due to it.

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