Dear Beautiful

Dear Beautiful,


Yes, you.

You are loved.

You are perfect.

You are beautiful.

In our society

People are so quick to judge

Based on what's seen on the outside

Others say the outside doesn't matter

But unfortunately that's a damned lie


These days everyone hides their inner quirks

To save themselves from vicious judgement

We are a sick society

Hiding behind shields-screens

We torture eachother

By pushing buttons

We form insults

With vile words

Bitch. Slut.



Often we say, "Words will never hurt me"

You can say that small phrase three times fast

But in the end it's still bullshit,

I live in America,

Poster child for free speech

We take for granted

A friend and foe-

Our freedom,

Our words,



We use words to stab people in the back

Each person has a reason to live

Yet certain people say go kys

Words that could make someone smile

Are making mental scars

Making them question

If they're worth it,

And they are.

Bright. Smart.




Yes you.

Words can hurt.

Is it worth it?

Tearing people down

Making them second guess

This is the real damned world,

With many real damned issues.

We could be doing something to help

But here we are hurting fellow humans.


And for what?

Truths and lies?

Guess what, life is about more than one person.



A Stranger

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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