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My knees are weak
They begin to tremble
From fear of deceit
My body longed for home,
that was calling for me.
How did I get to this point ?
I feel like I've lost all hope,
stranded I was.
Lost in a world full of
people unknown.
I don't know where,
I belong.
A phasod I seem to carry on
Hidden from all things new
My sky no longer`remains blue.
As I become more unknown to you...
Will I ever persevere,
If I continue ?
Down this long road,
in this venue.
Lord please help me.
Be relieved from,
this mask.
I can no longer,
carry this burden.
That's forsaken
my heart for so long.
This feeling prevails,
over lonely souls in hell.
Will I become one ?
Only time will tell...


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