How Hypocritical


I can be whatever I want to be-
That is, except myself.

A lawyer is fine.
A dentist is great.
A surgeon is even better.
My body is mine,
and as of late-
is more controversial than the scarlet letter.

People say they respect my life choices,
but then they disagree 
with a future surgery
that I haven't the money to pay for.

They tell me I should deal with it
and frankly I wish I could,
but every morning I look in the mirror
and I feel so misunderstood.

If nature made me this way, 
surely she's having a bit of a laugh.
Since I'm not even half
the man I envision myself to be.

And sure,
I have friends that "support" me.
Yet my unfulfilled request,
is always to not use "she" use "he".

Then there are the speeches.
"Others are going through the same."
What do they think this is, a game?
I can see it now! "Who is more dysphoric?"

"At least you have your parents for support!"
You're supposed to give advice, not poor humor.
Support has never come from my parents,
they've even said they rather I have a tumor.

But then again,
it ticks me most of all, 
that I have the gall,
to constantly say I'm a cisgender male and not a trans-male.

How hypocritical...




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