The Man II (Sequel to 'Please Understand Me')



She is trapped with no way out.

The fraction of hope that she contains is the only thing that is keeping her sane, if that is what she is.

At this point, there is no doubt in her mind that he will return.

She knows these dark moments must end and she no longer cares about the extent she must go to end his power.

She slides off of the bed and sinks to the floor;

she puts her face into her hands and sobs while she thinks about them. She would miss them.

She brings her hands away and stares at them. 

Something in her mind whispers, tries to reach out to her.

She responds.

She puts her hands around her neck and squeezes until it feels like every bit of air that had been given to her is gone.

He whispers to her once again; the last words she will ever hear.



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